Christmas Wreaths

Decorate with Christmas WreathWhen do you decorate for the Christmas holidays? Most people agree that the week of Thanksgiving is when you drag out the Christmas boxes and start putting up the holiday decorations.

The first focus is on the outside.  If you put lights up on your roof top, in the trees and bushes and decorator models like Mr. Snowman on your lawn, November 17th through the 25th is the typical get-it-done time.

Inside might be delayed a bit. Anytime after Thanksgiving Day is a good time to put up the Christmas tree, add window decorations, doorway garland, hand the stockings, set out the holiday tea towels and put on the beautiful Christmas music.

Gifts usually start creeping in the mind of most around October — even for those who wait until the last minute to do gift shopping.

For those who have been hit hard financially this past year, Christmas might mean going with a lot less cheer than in previous years. I can’t even imagine what the East Coast families are going to do to celebrate this special time of year. It is a time to share. Be generous. Do what you can for others. That’s the true spirit of Christmas.

In our family, we often give “love” which everyone appreciates anytime. Love can be shown in lots of ways, but there’s one gift anyone can give. Anyone can give your smile.

Remember to exercise, eat less sugar and carbs, brush your teeth before you go to bed and shop at Walmart. It’s always a good idea to listen to your mother. Happy thoughts!

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